Would your business survive an Emergency Animal Disease Outbreak?

While it seems scary, every few years there is an exotic disease incursion in Australian livestock. The likelihood of emergency animal diseases (EADs) such as foot‐and‐mouth disease, anthrax and bluetongue is low but when outbreaks do occur, they have a serious impact on businesses.

An EAD could result in impacts on export markets and restrictions on livestock movements, and (in the case of a foot‐and‐mouth disease outbreak) an initial national livestock ‘standstill’. Infected or at‐risk properties may also be required to cull livestock to help stop the disease from spreading.

Every business has developed ways of reducing the impact of disruption to normal operations that occur from time to time. For example – if you use machinery, to minimise the risk of breakdown you may keep common spare parts on hand. Have you thought about how your business would cope with an incident large enough to put you out of business, even if it was unlikely to occur?

We have a manual available to assist growers to prepare a risk management plan for an EAD outbreak. Thirty minutes spent completing this plan could improve the resilience of your business. It can help farm managers and owners to:

  • Outline the main risks for your business
  • Analyse how these risks relate to your business and which risks you should address
  • List possible actions that you can undertake to prepare or respond to an EAD outbreak

If you would like a copy of this manual, it is available on line for download here or a hard copy can be sent to you – please email info@woolproducers.com.au to request a copy.