WoolProducers Celebrating National AgDay

WoolProducers Australia are encouraging everyone, including people actively involved in agriculture through to the all-important consumer, to come together and celebrate the inaugural National AgDay being held today.

WoolProducers will celebrate the amazing work and contribution of Australia’s 49,964 woolgrowers.

WoolProducers CEO, Jo Hall said ‘It is a great time for Australian woolgrowers with the current high prices being received.’

‘Whilst this is good for the growers, it’s also good for the economy with the gross value of wool production for 2016/17 being $3.3 billion, up from $2.96 billion the previous year.’

The wool industry is part of the Australia’s fastest growing industry – agriculture, which as a sector has grown an astonishing 23% in the past year.

Australia produces the best quality Merino wool in the world and is sought by many countries across the globe, particularly China who buy 79.3% of our wool clip.

‘Australian wool is a magnificent product and grown naturally on our 71 million sheep, needing only water, air, sunshine and grass.’

‘Wool is also biodegradable and completely renewable, making it a clean and green fibre. This coupled with the fact that wool is stain, odour, wrinkle, static, UV and fire resistant, there really is no comparison with man-made fibres.’ Ms Hall said.

AgDay is a national celebration of Australia’s farm sector and is hosted by the National Farmers’ Federation. Since its inception, AgDay has grown to be a broad collaboration between industry groups, corporate Australia & government.

WoolProducers are encouraging all woolgrowers to get active on social media during AgDay and share their stories and pictures using the #AgDay hashtag

‘AgDay is a wonderful initiative designed to acknowledge and enjoy all things agricultural, from those in the paddock producing food and fibre to those in the city wearing and consuming our wonderful produce’.

‘WoolProducers are always proud of our woolgrowers but AgDay provides a day to celebrate them and everyone involved in Australian agriculture.’ Ms Hall said.



WoolProducers Australia contact:

Jo Hall

Chief Executive Officer

0488 554 811