WoolProducers Australia congratulates the 2018 WoolPoll Panelists

WoolProducers Australia has welcomed the announcement of the 2018 WoolPoll Panel.

WoolProducers President, Richard Halliday said ‘The 2018 WoolPoll Panel is comprised of individuals who have a diverse skill set who will ably represent wool growers in this important industry event.’

WoolPoll is the triennial vote by registered shareholders of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) to determine the levy percentage that they want to go towards industry research, development and marketing.

‘The Panel plays a critical role in ensuring that wool growers views are represented during this process.’ Mr Halliday said.

The Panel is charged with working with AWI and endorsing the voting documentation and processes, and was chosen by an independent selection committee.

WoolProducers have had concerns over the independence of previous WoolPolls, and welcomed the establishment of a selection committee this year, of which Mr Halliday was part of, along with Joann Wilkie from the Australian Government, Jock Laurie (AWI Director) and WoolPoll Chair, Sydney Lawrie.

‘It is imperative that the 2018 WoolPoll is transparent, independent and provides wool growers with an opportunity to vote for an appropriate percentage option.’

‘The convening of an independent selection committee is a good first step in ensuring the integrity of this process.’ Mr Halliday said.

The 2018 WoolPoll Panel members are:

  • Sydney Lawrie, Panel Chair (SA)
  • Kristen Frost (NSW)
  • John Hassell (WA)
  • Ed Storey (NSW)
  • Candice Roberts (QLD)
  • Steve Harrison (VIC)
  • Rob Ingram (NSW)
  • Brenton Lush (SA)
  • Richard Keniry (NSW)
  • Joann Wilkie, Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Jock Laurie, AWI Board


WoolProducers Australia contact:

Richard Halliday


0428 854 759


Jo Hall

Chief Executive Officer

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About WoolProducers’ Australia

WPA plays a critical role in working closely with companies and entities funded by woolgrower funds including compulsory levies or fees for service.

Its mission is to develop constructive and profitable outcomes for woolgrowers nationally.

The agency is responsible for appointing a director to each of the Australian Wool Exchange and the Australia Wool Testing Authority, promoting good corporate governance and ensuring that the interests of growers are met.

WPA maintains a working relationship with Australian Wool Innovation as the voice of woolgrower shareholders.  It aims to contribute to AWI’s programs for the benefit of growers, promoting responsible use of levy funds and ensuring good corporate governance.

WPA is the sole wool industry member of Animal Health Australia, and as such, carries a significant responsibility for decision making on behalf of the industry in the event of an emergency animal disease outbreak.