29 May, 2019

WoolProducers Australia announces its next generation of Raising the Baa participants

WoolProducers Australia has selected seven people from the wool industry to undertake our 2019 ‘Raising the Baa – Leadership in Agriculture’ program.

The Raising the Baa Program has two streams, with applicants able to apply to undertake a fully-funded Company Directors Course with the Australian Institute of Company Directors, or to be considered for WoolProducers’ Youth Ambassador position.

WoolProducers Australia President, Mr Ed Storey said, “The Company Directors Course is a fantastic opportunity for future leaders from all sectors of the wool industry to develop and refine their leadership skills for positions on industry Boards. The skills are very important to ensure good governance and leadership is understood before people contribute to a Board.”

“The Youth Ambassador position exposes people aged 18 -35 years to policy within WoolProducers and gives them the opportunity to learn and understand the policy cycle and how a board works so they understand how many decisions that affect the wool industry are handled by WoolProducers.”

The successful participants come from diverse backgrounds and WoolProducers looks forward to continuing to help develop future leaders in the Australian wool industry.

This year, the successful applicants for the Company Directors Course that will take place in Sydney in mid-June, are:

  • Stephen Lee – South Australia
  • Timothy Flynn – New South Wales
  • Dione Howard – New South Wales
  • Samantha Neumann – South Australia
  • Karen Smith – Western Australia

WoolProducers CEO, Ms Jo Hall said “The calibre of applicants for both the Company Directors Course and the Youth Ambassador positions was of an exceptionally high standard, and as such we have made the decision to this year appoint two Youth Ambassadors.”

The successful Youth Ambassadors, who will work on developing policy briefs and implementation strategies for two key industry issues, are:

  • Samantha Wan – Victoria
  • Shelby Garnett – Victoria

“We are excited to offer these positions and look forward to working with them as the develop their industry knowledge and professional skills. I look forward to following their progression in industry in the future using what they learn in the Company Directors Course and as our Youth Ambassadors.” Ms Hall said.


WoolProducers Australia contact:

Ed Storey


0438 309 500


Jo Hall

Chief Executive Officer

0488 554 811