Helping you make your vote count

WoolProducers has developed resources to help growers with this year’s WoolPoll voting process.

Why vote 1.5 per cent?

Ed Storey, Vice President of WoolProducers, explains why growers should preference 1.5 per cent in this year’s WoolPoll.

Make your vote count!

Watch this video to ensure your vote is counted if the option you preference first does not get up in the vote count.


The Preferential Voting System Explained

Lower wool volumes mean reduced income for woolgrowers

MEDIA RELEASE WoolProducers strongly believe that half of a percent is better in growers' pockets in order to rebuild their own businesses when the season changes, rather than in the coffers of AWI, whose recent media statements of a 36 per cent reduction in income if a lower levy is voted in misses the fact that their own levy payers are the ones who will miss out financially.

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Bipartisan support of TPP-11 important for Australian wool exports

MEDIA RELEASE WoolProducers is calling for bipartisan support of enabling legislation for TPP-11 in the Senate. Passing the legislation will enable early ratification of TPP-11, which will benefit Australian wool growers through continued market accessibility.

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