The votes are in! Growers vote 1.5 per cent

The result of WoolPoll 2018 was announced on Friday 16 November, 2018. Woolgrowers across Australia voted for 1.5 per cent to be the levy rate that determines how much funding Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) will receive for the next three years.

Link Market Services, the company responsible for managing the WoolPoll 2018 vote, advised that 13,506 valid voting papers were cast, representing 28.67 per cent of the 47,107  levy payers who are eligible to vote. The returned voting papers represented 55.92 per cent of total available voting entitlements.

Helping you make your vote count

WoolProducers has developed resources to help growers with this year’s WoolPoll voting process.

Why vote 1.5 per cent?

Ed Storey, Vice President of WoolProducers, explains why growers should preference 1.5 per cent in this year’s WoolPoll.

Make your vote count!

Watch this video to ensure your vote is counted if the option you preference first does not get up in the vote count.


The Preferential Voting System Explained

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