16 November, 2018

Woolgrowers decide wool levy to be 1.5%

WoolProducers Australia has welcomed the announcement of the WoolPoll results today, with growers determining that 1.5% will be the levy paid for the next strategic cycle of wool research, development and marketing.

WoolProducers President Richard Halliday said “Growers have had the opportunity to have their say on what amount of levy they wish to pay for the next three years, and they have determined that 1.5% is appropriate.”

WoolProducers decided to advocate for 1.5% after careful consideration of the figures and projected forecasts provided by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) in the Voter Information Memorandum (VIM).

“WoolProducers strongly believed that 1.5% would provide ample money for AWI to conduct their current business as well as invest in relevant new areas.

“The last three financial years has seen expenditure by AWI of between $70 and $88M per year and the industry got to a good place with that level of investment.” Mr Halliday said.
WoolProducers’ decision to advocate a lower levy was not a protest decision or linked to governance concerns.

“It is important to note that whilst we continue to have concerns around the governance of AWI and their response to many of the recommendations in Review of Performance, these issues were never a factor in our decision to support 1.5%” Mr Halliday said.

WoolProducers believes that now that growers have made their decision and the levy has been set, AWI’s focus must continue to be implementation of the review recommendations.
“The review recommendations were made independently to improve the governance and operations of AWI, so they must now get on with implementing them in the quickest way possible”.

“WoolPoll can no longer be considered to be a distraction so AWI must forge ahead to modernise the organisation in the interests of all woolgrowers.” Mr Halliday concluded.


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