Still time to have a say in AWI director elections

WoolProducers Australia (WPA) is reminding all shareholders of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), who have not yet voted in this year’s AWI director elections that they have until 10am (EDST), Wednesday 15 November, 2017.

WoolProducers Australia President, Richard Halliday said ‘If woolgrowers are yet to vote in this extremely important election, there is still time to do so electronically’.

There are reports coming from Queensland, Victoria and South Australia that some shareholders have not received their voter information packs from AWI.


‘A number of WPA directors have been contacted by shareholders who have not received their voter information.’


‘This is unfortunate as shareholders of AWI pay a compulsory tax and should have every opportunity to make their vote count.’ Mr Halliday said.


Shareholders can vote electronically by entering your Shareholder Registration Number (SRN) at Link Market Services If you do not have your SRN, WPA is urging you to contact Link Market Services on 1300 554 474.


‘In order to vote electronically you must also appoint a proxy, WPA’s recommends that you appoint someone that you trust, which maybe one of the candidates that are running for election.’


‘WPA also strongly urges growers to ensure that they take the time to direct their proxies as the AWI Chair receives an enormous amount of proxies and does not have to declare where he allocates undirected proxies.’ Mr Halliday said.


AWI state that shareholders have the power to direct the company, so it is incumbent on woolgrowers that if they are not happy with the current operations of AWI to vote for change.




WoolProducers Australia contact:

Richard Halliday


0428 854 759


Jo Hall

Chief Executive Officer

0488 554 811