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ParaBoss, developed by the Sheep CRC, AWI, MLA and UNE, provides Australian sheep producers and their advisers with current, practical, proven and independent information to manage worms, flystrike and lice in sheep, as well as worms in goats. In 2019, cattle parasite control information will also be available.


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Integrated worm control programs are the most effective and reduce your reliance on drenches.  WormBoss provides straightforward procedural information to make an integrated program as simple and practical as possible for you.

This information is presented in regional Programs—8 regions for sheep and 10 for goats—that set out what to do and when to do it. The Programs have associated Drench Decision Guides—both an online interactive version, as well as a printable 2-pager—that you can use to make your day-to-day decisions about whether a mob needs drenching, and when to check next.

A comprehensive Drenches section allows you to find drench products on a variety of search criteria.


FlyBoss also provides strategies for integrated management of flystrike.

These include a tool that will assess your optimum times for shearing, crutching and applying treatments. It uses long-term weather data for your district to forecast flystrike risk times. This allows the tool to determine the times that will result in the least total amount of flystrike for you over the season.

A section is also devoted to breeding for flystrike resistance, including what traits you can select rams for or score replacements ewes on, and how and when to do this. These particularly cover wrinkle, dag and fleece rot: the key risk factors for breech and body strike.

However, the strategies emphasise the importance of you having a balanced breeding objective that selects rams and ewes with reduced risk, but continued productivity for your income earning traits.

The Products tool is shared with LiceBoss and allows you to search all registered products for fly and lice based on the pest to be treated, the chemical group and application method desired.

Emphasis is placed on biosecurity to maintain a lice-free flock. But vigilance is always necessary and LiceBoss provides comprehensive information about how you can identify lice and monitor for them in your flock.

Should lice be present there is extensive treatment information about choosing products and how you can apply them including plans for dips and details on how you can manage pressure and concentration for dips and jetting.


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