Livestock SA celebrates four years of advocacy


This year, Livestock SA celebrated four years of providing industry advocacy for sheep, cattle, goat and wool producers in South Australia, with a growing membership of more than 3200 members. Effort has been across a range of industry issues and initiatives, as outlined in the following annual report.



SA Sheep Industry Blueprint. The Blueprint celebrated 12-months of operation in April with the project well on track to achieving its overarching aim to increase productivity by 20% by 2020. Several projects are underway towards achieving this objective, including Lifetime ewe management adoption, improving lamb survival by optimising lambing density, establishing an Australia Merino Sire Evaluation Association site in SA, installation of a hook tracking system at JBS Bordertown, and development of a rapid sheep lice detection test.


Livestock Brands app. Livestock SA is working with the State Government on a new online system for producers to register brands and earmarks, after the Brands Act 1933 was formally repealed on January 1, 2016. The app was launched in August and will streamline the way brands are registered.  Livestock SA members have been providing feedback on the app.


Projects. Livestock SA continues to leverage funding for industry projects, including $414,000 for an industry skills project to assist 44 students obtain a Diploma of Agribusiness Management; $100,000 to develop and implement a working, in-plant radio frequency identification (RFID) hook tracking system at the Bordertown abattoir; $70,000 for portable real time tests for detection of sheep lice; $60,000 to improve the financial literacy of farm operators and work with key groups to deliver a course targeted at improving the financial literacy and management skills of livestock producers; and $12,100 to support 31 South Australian students to attend the National Merino Challenge. We have also recently commenced a project to support members with the installation of low flow bypasses for farm dams


Biosecurity. Livestock SA has continued to work closely with Biosecurity SA on developing One Biosecurity.  This is being highlighted by the need for on-farm biosecurity plans to show the management of BJD, and now for LPA.


SA Beef Industry Blueprint. Following on from the success with the Sheep Blueprint, plans are now well underway to implement a SA Beef Cattle Blueprint.  Forums have been held at Naracoorte and Mungerannie to gauge industry interest and commitment.  Based on the success of these, a a working group has been established.  Both the State and federal Governments have committed funding to support the blueprint development.


Transport issues. Livestock SA has continued to work as part of the PPSA/PIRSA/DPTI transport project in addition to pushing for improvements in road transport in the pastoral region.  Livestock SA participated in the First Ministers Forum between South Australia and Northern Territory.  Livestock SA was able to push for Yorkey’s Crossing to be upgraded with a pod to be established in early 2018 and is advocating for road train triples to be allowed to Dublin, and has since welcomed the State Government’s announcement to provide funding towards this.


Water security. Livestock SA is advocating for water security as a state wide objective for livestock producers to deliver improved resilience and long term viability to the South Australian livestock industry.


Andrew Curtis

Chief Executive Officer

Livestock SA