1 December 2017                                                                                                            FAWO-17-129

Inaugural Australian Wool Industry Medal

The Federation of Australian Wool Organisations Inc. (FAWO) this year established the Australian Wool Industry Medal.  An initiative that recognises men and women who have made an exceptional and sustained contribution to the Australian wool industry.

The following recipients were presented with their Medals at the National “Wool Week” Industry Dinner at Aerial, Melbourne on 24th August.  Two recipients were unable to be present at this event and received their Medal on 22 November at the Wool Selling Centre in Melbourne.

The Inaugural Australian Wool Industry Medal was presented to the following worthy recipients:

Ms Nan Allison                                  VIC

Mr Robert Carter                               WA

Mr Rod Franklyn                               VIC

Mr Athol Frederick                            VIC

Ms Sally Martin                                  NSW

Mr Wal Merriman                              NSW

Dr Peter Morgan                                 VIC

Mr Geoff Power                                   SA

Mr Robert Ryan OAM                       NSW

Mr Barry Walker OAM                      NSW

Mr David Ward OAM                        VIC

Mr David Michell, Chairman FAWO, congratulated the recipients on their awards and thanked them for their contribution to the Australian wool industry.

Mr Michell said “These men and women have made a significant contribution to Australia’s wool industry over many years. They come from a range of sectors within the industry, from farming, to broking, trading and exporting, to service sectors. Their contributions have been diverse, ranging from administrative support to being industry leaders, from regional to national and international levels. I congratulate them all on receiving the Australian Wool Industry Medal in recognition of their service and contribution”.

“It is very timely that we acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of these outstanding people to this iconic Australian industry. Wool prices are now at record levels and optimism for both wool and sheep is high. The industry has faced difficult times over the past 3 decades and the contributions that these people have made has ensured that many in the industry can enjoy these more prosperous times.”

The Federation of Australian Wool Organisation is the peak body for the Australian wool industry. Members include:  Australian Council of Wool Exporters and Processors, Australian Wool Exchange, Australian Wool Handlers, Australian Wool Innovation, Australian Wool Testing Authority, The National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia, and WoolProducers Australia.

FAWO is now accepting nominations for 2018.  The 2018 nomination form is available at  www.fawo.org.au     Closing date is 1 May 2018.


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