Chief Executive Officer Report

with Jo Hall

Welcome to the third edition of The WoolPress. This edition has a focus on animal health issues and innovations relevant to woolgrowers and the broader industry.

There are a number of interesting articles from our industry partners, which provide a snapshot of the amazing work that is being conducted to assist and enhance the wool industry. I would like to thank all of the contributors for their insight.

WoolProducers in collaboration with Sheep Producers Australia, have just announced the end of a national approach to the management of Ovine Johne’s Disease (OJD). This decision has come after a widely publicised public consultation seeking input from producers. WPA strongly believe that there are a number of tools that enable producers to manage OJD in the manner most appropriate to their individual enterprise.

From a national animal health perspective, WoolProducers Australia, Sheep Producers Australia and Animal Health Australia (AHA) developed the Sheep Health Project (SHP) in 2014, as a more holistic approach to address endemic sheep conditions.

The idea behind the SHP was to reduce the management and production focus on any one particular disease or condition (i.e. OJD), using biosecurity as the underpinning plank to reduce the impact of all endemic conditions. The farmgate benefits of this are two-fold – sound biosecurity principles are relevant to all diseases and conditions, so instead of managing one disease in isolation shifting the focus to biosecurity addresses all diseases, and by broadening the scope will also reduce the stigma that may be associated with any one disease. For more information: Sheep Health Project

There are a number of other industry issues occurring, outside of animal health that woolgrowers may be interested in.

The report on the Review of AWI is expected to be released before mid-July. We look forward to reading this report which will be the result of a thorough review conducted by Ernst Young. The review was initiated by the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, the Hon. David Littleproud.

We are also very excited to have selected the first round of our Raising the Baa participants. The quality of the applicants was outstanding. We are pleased to announce that Robert Pocock, Peter McCrabbe, Stacey Lugsdin, Dan Korff and Matt Bartlett were selected to undertake the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course.

We are also thrilled to announce that Dione Howard is the 2018 Wool Youth Ambassador. Again, the standard of applicants was very high and it was a tough decision, but we look forward to working with Dione over the next 12 months! It is very heartening to know that there are so many passionate young people in the wool industry.

On behalf of WoolProducers, I hope that you enjoy this edition of The WoolPress and as always if you have any questions regarding any issues raised in this newsletter, or the wool industry in general, please contact the office at