The Wool Industry

Shed safety campaign focuses on cutting out drug and alcohol misuse

Woolgrowers, shearing contractors and members of shearing teams are reminded of their responsibility to maintain a drug and alcohol free shed, as…

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WoolProducers Australia ‘Raising the Baa’ Leadership in Agriculture Program

WoolProducers Australia (WoolProducers) has identified a gap in industry representative capacity building within the Australian wool industry...

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WoolProducers Australia 2016-17 Key Achievements

WoolProducers Australia is the national Peak Industry Body (PIB) representing and promoting the needs of Australia’s wool growers. Our membership…

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Missing AWI Ballot Paper Investigation

WoolProducers, in an effort to assist AWI in their investigation in to missing voter information in the lead up to the 2017 AGM, ask that if you are…

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Zero Tolerance for Drug & Alcohol Shed Poster

WoolProducers Australia, in collaboration with other industry stakeholders, has developed a Drug and Alcohol Shed Poster which can be downloaded and…

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Drugs & Alcohol in the Shearing Industry

In May 2017, the Wool Industry Stakeholder’s Reference Group held a summit to address Drugs & Alcohol in the Shearing Industry...

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No AWI EGM required after negotiations

WoolProducers is pleased that the wool industry will avoid a contentious Extraordinary General Meeting on issues affecting the operations of Australian Wool Innovation.

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Submission to the Technical Reference Panel on the Heat Stress Risk Assessment for live sheep exports

WoolProducers continues to support the live export of sheep contingent on adherence to animal welfare standards underpinned by science. WPA's recommendations in this submission are based on the findings of the Technical Advisory Group formed to review scientific evidence that shows the trade of live sheep to the Middle East can continue.

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