Description of a Perendale Sheep and how to choose a True To Type Ram.


The Perendale is a sheep of medium size, active, alert, hardy, able to look after itself and capable of a good percentage of strong lambs. So, it is important to choose a true to type Perendale Ram.

The Perendale shows its unmistakeable Cheviot ancestry in its open white face, free of wool below the dark bold, intelligent eyes, and with a black open nose and medium length somewhat erect ears. The strong neck and carriage of the head (no horns permissible) allow ease of movement. The Romney ancestry is shown in size and its chalky-white fleece quality is 50-56 with a strong regular staple over the whole fleece, and a crimp that is well defined from butt to tip. It is soft to handle and bulky with good density.

The Perendale’s higher withers as opposed to level shoulders, and the upright carriage of its head, together with shoulders well laid back, and the correct amount of spring in the pasterns enable this breed to pick up their front feet easily. A slight slope to the tail head completes the ease of movement in hilly, rough country with minimum energy spent.

The firm and deep hindquarters are well set into the clean medium length not too heavy legs with black feet.

To top it all off, the Perendale ram works well over Merino ewes to producer good hardy first cross sheep, with a better fleece value than most other first cross breeds.

Well worth giving them a try!