State Farming Organisations Membership

All members of state farm organisations have a stake in WoolProducers Australia through their local Wool Committee, as well as the benefits of state representation and direct support through services such as industrial relations, member discounts, networking and training.

The national membership is as follows:

Further information: International Wool Textile Organisation

Australian Wool Innovation

Australian Wool Innovation is the wool industry’s research and development company. AWI invests the 1.5 per cent grower levy it receives from the sale of shorn greasy wool into global research and development, innovation and marketing through the wool supply chain.  The Australian government matches the levy contribution made by wool growers – the government’s contribution is capped at 0.5 per cent of gross national value of wool production.

More information about Australian Wool Innovation can be found here.

Australian Wool Exchange

The Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) is a public company established in 1994 to manage wool marketing arrangements in the Australian wool industry. The membership of AWEX represents the majority of first-hand wool traded in Australia and includes wool brokers, exporters, private treaty merchants, processors, wool producers and associates.

The AWEX Board represents each of these classes of membership and is responsible for policy setting in relation to the implementation of functions. WoolProducers holds a permanent position on the board of AWEX.

More information about Australian Wool Exchange can be found here.

Australian Wool Testing Authority

The Australian Wool Testing Authority was established in 1957 by the Commonwealth Government in response to requests from the Australian wool industry. The mission of AWTA is to assist or promote the development of the pastoral, agricultural, manufacturing and industrial resources of Australia, in particular, by providing independent objective data and information services which will facilitate the efficient production, marketing and processing of wool, other fibres, textile products and related materials.

WoolProducers holds a permanent position on the board of AWTA.

More information about Australian Wool Testing Authority can be found here.

Federation of Australian Wool Organisations

WoolProducers Australia is the wool grower member of the Federation of Australian Wool Organisations (FAWO). FAWO is the basis of the Australian National Committee of the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO).  With virtually all industry sectors as members, FAWO can also facilitate joint industry responses for addressing major local issues. FAWO has been integral in establishing key trade related industry initiatives, such as the DMFRS for example.

The WoolProducers Australia membership of FAWO allows growers to have a voice on the world stage of wool.

Further information: Federation of Australian Wool Organisations

International Wool Textile Organisation

The International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) was established in 1928 as the first arbitration body for the international trade of wool and wool products. It was born out of an arbitration agreement signed between the representative bodies of the British and French wool-textile industries in 1927.  Membership of IWTO is based on national committees from member countries, each of which appoints delegates to attend annual meetings (FAWO).

As a trade based organisation, IWTO soon realised that in order for contracts to be fully specified, objective techniques for measuring wool characteristics and invoice weights were required. This minimised the likelihood of disputes and also provided an objective basis for arbitration should a dispute arise. Consequently, IWTO now plays a central role in fostering the development of internationally accepted test specifications for raw wool, wool sliver, yarns and fabrics.

Developed progressively since its inception by the IWTO, the ‘Blue Book’ represents the basis for the conditions under which most of the world wool trade has traditionally conducted its business. The rules contained in it are agreed between the various players in the wool-textile trade via the national committees of IWTO.

Through this committee structure, the rules are developed by all stakeholders in the industry, in particular buyers and sellers. The rules are therefore fair and objective since they are not imposed upon by any one group upon another. The Blue Book is regularly reviewed to reflect the current commercial practice and requirements.

Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology

FinTech, RegTech and AgTech provide substantial opportunities for Australia’s wool industry through digital and financial innovations that could lead to transformational efficiencies for businesses throughout the wool industry pipeline. WoolProducers supports the opportunities outlined in the issues paper for Australia to prepare for and take advantage of potential benefits that can be achieved through opportunistic approaches to development of these technologies. These opportunities may be either incremental or transformational in nature, and will require sufficient support so that industry can reap the rewards of positive innovation in X-Tech.

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WoolProducers AGM – New director welcomed

The WoolProducers AGM was held on 14 November, 2019 where new independent director, Mrs Stacey Lugsdin, was welcomed to the WoolProducers board of directors. Mrs Lugsdin is a woolgrower from Hay, NSW and has completed both the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Australian Rural Leadership programs.

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