2017 – a year of positives for WoolProducers Australia and two new directors

WoolProducers Australia (WPA) reflected on a positive year for both the organisation and their membership at the company’s AGM today in Canberra.

In his report, President Richard Halliday cited many achievements of the WoolProducers’ had conducted on behalf of woolgrowers during 2016/17.

‘The vast array of issues that WoolProducers have worked on during year have achieved many positives for woolgrowers across the country’.

‘Areas of focus have included national and international representation on areas as diverse as animal welfare, emergency animal disease preparedness, endemic disease surveillance, shearing industry safety and levy expenditure accountability and transparency’.

‘Working in the interests of woolgrowers is at the forefront of everything that WoolProducers does’, Mr Halliday said.

WoolProducers also unveiled its revamped website which has been modernised to better reflect the activities and policies of the organisation.

Mr Halliday also acknowledged two long standing Independent Directors, Mr Charlie Merriman and Mr Max Watts, who did not re-nominate for the Board.

‘Both Charlie and Max have demonstrated enormous commitment to WoolProducers and the wider wool industry’.

‘During their time as WPA Directors, the industry has seen many challengers, which they have assisted WoolProducers in navigating on behalf of growers. Their efforts will be missed going forward.’ Mr Halliday said.

Further to this, WoolProducers welcomed two new Directors to the Board, Mr John Hassell from WA and Mr Jamie Rowe from NSW. Incumbent Independent Director Steve Harrison, Victoria, remained on the Board.

‘Mr Hassell and Mr Rowe’s skills both complement the existing skills and perspectives on the Board, whilst we look forward to Mr Harrison’s ongoing commitment and input to WoolProducers’. Mr Halliday said.

Mr Halliday was returned as President and Mr Ed Storey continues in the position of Senior Vice President.


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Chief Executive Officer

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