WPA Elections

WoolProducers Australia Nominees for Independent Director Election

WPA recently called for nominations for this year’s Independent Director Election. With four people putting their names forward, incumbents Steve Harrison; Charlie Merriman and Max Watts along with Jamie Rowe.
Members of SFOs along with direct members of WPA have the chance to vote in this process – this until recently was unique to WPA in terms of peak industry bodies, Cattle Council of Australia has since adopted a similar model, which provides a unique and truly representative model for the wool industry and is a key feature in our value proposition to grass root members as it allows them to have a direct say in who represents them at a national level.
Therefore, there are two ways to cast your vote for the Independent Director candidates: 
1. As an indepedent member of WPA or,
2. As a member of an SFO
It is extremely pleasing that WPA is having a contested election, as it is a sign of a healthy organisation by demonstrating that people are interested enough to get involved in shaping the future direction of the industry.
Ballot papers will be sent to eligible wool growers on 14 October and closing on 13 November, with results announced at the WPA AGM on 18 November.


If you are interested in becoming a direct member of WoolProducers Australia please contact the WPA office on 02 4836 7369 or email admin@woolproducers.com.au
Candidates as follows:

Steven Harrison

A woolgrower for 29 years, I have a commercially viable flock and a Merino Stud in Gippsland, Victoria. I am a VFF Livestock Councilor and woolclasser.

I have been an independent director of WPA for two terms and have served under three presidents. The current committee has the strongest motivation to improve profitability for all woolgrowers.

I see it as vital that the wool industry improves profitability and lifts the merino ewe base.  This will help woolgrowers and production of the prime lamb industry.  I see WoolProducers, in consultation with AWI, as an avenue to stimulate ideas in marketing and research and help with direction to assist the industry grow and prosper.

Charlie Merriman

I have been an independently elected Director since 2005 and my main duties as a Director of Wool Producers Australia have been involved with the Sheep Johne's Program and recently with Federation of Australian Wool Organisation (F.A.W.O.) as the WPA representative.

As a representative for WPA I have been involved in discussions with Animal Health Australia on many issues that arise that effects farms and farm production of livestock, such as the still ongoing discussions about OJD and BJD.

My focus is to keep it beneficial, practical and user friendly to assist those who have the responsibility of managing and caring for farm animals and managing the bio-security on all farms.

Jamie Rowe

I have a lot of practical experience within the wool industry that I could bring to WoolProducers Board and I have a driving passion to improve the wool industry for the future.

I began managing the family sheep farm in Franklin, WA in 1989 where I became a shearer for 13 year and also began my career as a livestock contractor which I have continued into NSW, moving in 2011 where I currently own a sheep property on the Monaro.

I have been a member of the Livestock Contractor Association since 2004 which I am the current President.

Max Watts
With my wife and two sons we run a mixed farming business 160kms Southeast of Perth, WA, including 12,000 Merinos for wool and meat products and 2,000Ha of crops – oats, barley and canola.  I’m a strong supporter of on-farm RD&E as I feel this assists producers to reduce our cost of production and increase returns.
We have used a number of such items to assist our business, including the pilot projects for LTEM and drench resistance; blood and liver biopsies to determine levels of selenium chips required on farm; objective clip preparation and EBVs.
I am happy to discuss any of the above issues and take any issues forward.