September 2016, Victorian Government's electronic tagging for sheep and goats

The Victorian Government announced in August 2016 they would be mandating the use of electronic ear tags for sheep and goats born from Janurary 1, 2017.  Click here to read WPA's submission.


August 2016, Productivity Commission

Chapter 5 of the PC draft rport focused on Farm Animal Welfare. Click here to read WPA's response to the proposed increase in regulation for farm animal welfare.


July 2015, Levamisole - AgVetChemicals

The APVMA had placed Levamisole on a priority list for review.  We asked our membership how they felt about the possibility that Levamisole may undergo a Regulatory review with the possibility it may lose registration.  We had a very strong response from every state.  We sued this feedback to write to the APVMA with a strong recommendation that Levamisole maintain its registration as a broad spectrum cost effective anthelmintic.  See the suubmission here


April 2015, Animal Protection Bill and Senate Inquiry

Debate between animal activists and the livestock sector continued recently as Senator Chris Back's private member's Bill was debated in the Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee inquiry into the Criminal Code Amendment (Animal Protection) Bill 2015

Far from what some suggest the laws as being “ag-gag” laws, the Bill has two key provisions, in summary:

See our full submission here


November 2014, RRAT Senate Inquiry:

Industry structures and systems governing the imposition of and disbursement of marketing and research and development (R&D) levies in the agricultural sector.

Our submission can be found here

Key to our submission are the following points

              i.      We support the collection of levies to benefit growers, and the continuation of Commonwealth contribution                                                     

                 ii.      We support AWI and their remit to undertake RDE&M on behalf of industry and continued and sustain profitability

                iii.      WoolProducers would like a better prescribed relationship with AWI  to reduce duplication of effort and expense, and increase unity in the wool industry

                iv.      Growers support the democratic function of WoolPoll

                 v.      A review of WoolPoll needs to be undertaken as growers express frustration in the grower consultation process related to WoolPoll

                vi.      A review into other consultation mechanisms: SFO consultation and ICC consultation needs to be undertaken as growers consider these to lack appropriate rigour

               vii.      Suggestions made for codifying consultation arrangements with SFOs and in the ICC


Here is a link to the list of other submissions to this Inquiry, which includes other wool-related submissions from Australian Superfine Woolgrowers of Australia, WAFarmers and Australian Wool Innovation.