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December 2016


Richard Halliday Report

Steve Harrison Report


Robert Herman, Mecardo (includes Figures)

Andrew Johnston Report

Ed Rogister Report

Livestock SA Report

Ed Storey Report

Charlie Merriman Report

Jim McKenzie Report

Max Watts Report

James Kirkpatrick



Links to 'The Sheep Producer' articles

August 2016


Pain Relief Product Comparison

Mecardo Market Analysis

WAFarmers Sheep Health Workshop

China Joint Working Group Training

Media Release - Vic Mandatory Electronic Tagging

Best Practice Vaccination Techniques

Links to 'The Sheep Producer' articles

May 2016

President's Message May 2016 - Richard Halliday

Q&A with Charlie Brumpton by Michael Allpass

Shearing Shed Poster

What is a forward drag?

Livestock Contractors Association

AWEX Sheep Compendium App

Kim Haywood writes about SILC review and changes

SA Blueprint Launch

QMSSA story by Candice Roberts 



Links to 'The Sheep Producer' articles

February 2016

President's Message February 2016 - Richard Halliday

AWI & MLA's 'Making More from Sheep' - Healthy and Contented Sheep

Link to MLA/AWI Making More From Sheep Modules

Dog Trapping Workshop QLD

Young Achiever - Anthony Young

Carcass Disposal 

Does Tail Docking Method Influence Breech Flystrike Later in Life?

Western Australia - Sheep Health Seminars

Biosecurity Act Changes - Federal

Bisoecurity Act Changes - NSW

Is it Fit to Load?

NWDs - Declaring What the World is Demanding


October 2015

President's Message October 2015 - Richard Halliday

Skin Traction

Young Talent - Kallum Blake

Do you know the signs of FMD in sheep?

New Blueprint to Guide SA Sheep Industry Growth

Strain Specific Footrot Vaccine welcomed by Tasmania



June 2015

President's Message June 2015 - Richard Halliday

Young Talent - Kayla Kopp & Friends

Animal Protection Bill


March 2015

Brown Besier - Barbers Pole vaccine

President's Message March 2015 - Richard Halliday

Felicity Brumpton by Madeline Cooper