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26/11/2014 New President for WoolProducers
22/10/2014 Industry seeks greater detail from Ag Ministers about NLIS
17/10/2014 Notice of AGM 2014
14/10/2014 WPA Committed to FMD Preparedness
8/9/2014 WoolProducers Welcomes Senate Inquiry into Ag Levies
2/9/2014 See FarmOnline for their special wild dog project
1/9/2014 WoolProducers Australia 2014 Annual Review
11/8/2014 Industry Reemphasises Support for Current Mob-Based NLIS
11/7/2014 Industry Condemns Brutality
7/7/2014 National Wild Dog Action Plan hits the ground running
7/7/2014 Launch of National Wild Dog Action Plan
12/5/2014 Action against wild dogs
21/3/2014 Nuffield Australia application brochure for 2015 scholarships
11/3/2014 Young Merino breeder wins 2014 scholarship
11/3/2014 Bugaboo visits Australia, and features WPA President Geoff Fisken
6/3/2014 End of wool glut leads to growing optimism
25/2/2014 Sheep CRC gets five-year extension to continue sheep and wool research
21/2/2014 Sheep CRC gets $15.5 million extention
21/2/2014 Applications invited as Policy Officer - Health and Welfaren
17/2/2014 Prime Minister acknowledges impact of wild dogs
16/2/2014 WPA media release: Unprecedented drought threatens livelihood of woolgrowers
7/2/2014 Comprehensive drought package needed: NFF
4/2/2014 Livestock Biosecurity Network Regional Officer – South Australia
4/2/2014 Livestock Biosecurity Network Regional Officer – Northern Australia
31/1/2014 New Ag Industry Advisory Council
27/1/2014 Wild Dog Action Plan a step closer to COAG endorsement
27/1/2014 NFF seeks farmer feedback on Ag employment
17/1/2014 Milan set for Woolmark prize
11/1/2014 News from Cooperative Research Centres Association
7/1/2014 Wool prices tipped to rise throughout 2014

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