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3/12/2012 Statement on the National OJD Management Plan
12/11/2012 Graziers Investment Company: Funds for Directors, what about the shareholders?
7/11/2012 Royal couple head into wool country
6/11/2012 Livestock industry committed to animal welfare
31/10/2012 Producers and agents oppose mandatory electronic tags
29/10/2012 Independent Chairman appointed for new Industry Livestock Biosecurity Network
22/10/2012 New OJD entry requirements ratified
9/10/2012 Don’t destroy the livelihoods of Australian wool growers
9/9/2012 Industry Livestock Biosecurity Network – Chairman
4/9/2012 Act now to meet new OJD trading rules
2/9/2012 Wool growers pay tribute to outstanding industry advocate, Rod Thirkell-Johnston AM
28/8/2012 WoolProducers Australia to address industry during Wool Week
6/8/2012 Entry requirements announced for revised OJD plan
2/8/2012 WAFF joins WoolProducers Australia
30/7/2012 Invasive Animals CRC - $72 million research program
29/7/2012 BOARDtalk - the Woolclasser Newsletter published by AWEX
27/7/2012 WoolProducers Australia backs wool marketing push
27/7/2012 Wool industry recognises lifelong efforts of Rod Thirkell-Johnston
16/7/2012 AWEX Appoints Woolclasser Registrar
22/6/2012 New research targets top issue for wool industry
18/6/2012 Blueprint for Aust Ag: have your say
15/6/2012 Animal welfare the priority for Australia’s farmers
12/6/2012 Sheep producers given 6 months to meet new OJD rules
12/6/2012 Sheep producers given 6 months to meet new OJD rules
12/6/2012 Wool identities recognised in Queens' Honours list
10/6/2012 National action on theft
29/5/2012 Leftover wool funds should go to marketing: The Land
28/5/2012 Future genetic gains for Australian wool in doubt
28/5/2012 Merino studs push for Nucleus funding
26/5/2012 Wool trade set to remain buoyant
25/5/2012 WPA wants wild dog problem at COAG
24/5/2012 Wool future lies in social media
23/5/2012 Trade deal with Malaysia fills vital gaps for agriculture
22/5/2012 AWEX Merino Cardings Price Guide drop sharply
19/5/2012 Ethical wool finds market in New Zealand
18/5/2012 Aussies win Loro Piana Challenge
18/5/2012 First clip fares well for young woolgrowers
18/5/2012 Farmers go online to improve flocks
17/5/2012 NFF to join World Farmers’ Organisation
16/5/2012 Ruralco joins NFF: adding strength to the farmers’ voice
14/5/2012 NFF: Agriculture misses out on rate cuts, Loan Monitor shows
14/5/2012 Farmers under siege from wild dogs
13/5/2012 Wild dogs the biggest threat to national sheep flock
12/5/2012 Exercise Phantom Fox - animal emergency disease planning
12/5/2012 $225,000 for Primary Industries Education Foundation
10/5/2012 The Agriculture Newsletter, May 2012
9/5/2012 Full Budget outcome for ag: DAFF
8/5/2012 Joe Ludwig explains Budget for rural industry
8/5/2012 Agriculture survives tough budget, but more investment needed for growth
8/5/2012 Invest in food and fibre, Mr Treasurer
6/5/2012 The Asian century: the new golden era for Aust ag?
26/4/2012 Reintroduction of dingoes will only add to wild dog problem
23/4/2012 RFID must be a producers choice not an industry burden
2/4/2012 Levy options for WoolPoll 2012 announced
23/3/2012 Recognising Gordon Godson’s contribution to the wool industry
7/2/2012 WoolProducers Australia: Call for strong representation
11/1/2012 2012 - Positive Forecast for Wool
9/1/2012 National Approach to OJD to Continue

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