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3/12/2008 Growers welcome addition to AWEX Board
26/11/2008 WPA Annual General Meeting
24/11/2008 WPA Welcomes AWI Commitment to Mulesing Research
22/11/2008 Australian Wool Innovation Election Results
10/11/2008 Last chance for industry to get it right
31/10/2008 Growers must fight to keep wool labelled 'Australian'
22/10/2008 Fallout from wool Senate hearing: Board candidate ditches Woolgrowers Association
14/10/2008 AWI Shareholders urged to support stable management in Directors election
14/10/2008 Industry Remembers Michael Lempriere
19/9/2008 The show's over, time to get back to work
15/8/2008 Wool Industry Welcomes Ban on Importation of Hybrid Wildcats
11/8/2008 Wool Industry Mourns Passing of Bob Richardson
14/7/2008 No Time to Back Away from 2010
3/7/2008 Wool Growers recognise service to industry of Ian McLachlan
30/6/2008 Wool Industry Says 'No' to Hybrid Wildcats
9/5/2008 OJD Abattoir Surveillance now in place in Western Australia
9/5/2008 Wool Growers acknowledge Minister's ongoing support
7/5/2008 PETA 'Peace Deal' more Activist Nonsense
28/4/2008 Wool Growers welcome changes to AWI Board
7/4/2008 Woolgrowers reject latest AWGA claims
27/3/2008 Reminder: Major changes to National OJD Program commence 31 March
25/3/2008 Wool Growers welcome AWI Board position on mulesing
17/3/2008 National SHS to replace State specific SHS from 31 March 2008
16/3/2008 Letter to the Editor
28/2/2008 Retailers back 2010 Mulesing phase-out:Industry urged to unite
28/2/2008 Retailers Back 2010 Mulesing Phase-out: Industry Urged to Unite
18/2/2008 WPA President to Meet with Leading Retailers in Europe
15/2/2008 Major Changes to OJD Program
15/2/2008 Major Changes to OJD Program
30/1/2008 Growers Acknowledge Achievements of David Asimus

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