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22/12/2006 Pink's Misinformed Comments 'More of the Same'
22/12/2006 WoolProducers Welcomes New Sheep CRC
20/12/2006 Future of Diazinon Hangs in the Balance
16/11/2006 WoolPoll results Welcomed by WoolProducers
16/11/2006 WoolProducers AGM and Office Bearer Elections
31/10/2006 AWS Board Fumble Not Acceptable Says Growers
27/10/2006 Peak Body Calls on Growers to Vote Now at WoolPoll
27/10/2006 AWI Candidate Chick Olsson Up to his Old Tricks Again
17/10/2006 Growers Back Incumbents for AWI Board
12/10/2006 WoolProducers Announce Date for AGM
12/10/2006 WoolProducers Secures Mulesing Rebate for Growers
8/10/2006 Growers Ask Questions of Prospective AWI Directors
4/10/2006 Industry Clarifies Union Claim on Shearing Rates
26/9/2006 WoolProducers Supports WoolPoll Question for Fairer Levy Collection
20/9/2006 Peak Body Urges Growers to Vote “2% or more” at WoolPoll
10/8/2006 WoolProducers Rejects New Tax on Growers
4/8/2006 WoolProducers Calls for Common Sense around WoolPoll
28/7/2006 WoolProducers Welcomes Announcement on Future of Companies
21/7/2006 Emergency disease session with the wool industry hailed a success
28/4/2006 Woolgrowers Welcome Changes to AWI Board
8/3/2006 Industry Welcomes New Chair of AWS and Urges the Company to Resolve its Future

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