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21/12/2005 Future of Australian Wool Services
2/12/2005 Withdrawal of Members from AWEX
31/10/2005 Send PETA a Message – back the AWI Board
26/10/2005 Retailer Agreements Great News for Wool Industry
24/10/2005 PETA Supports AWGA Candidates for AWI Board
21/10/2005 Close of Polling for WoolProducers Election Approaches
21/10/2005 10 Reasons Why A Deal With PETA Is Bad For Aussie Farmers
20/10/2005 WoolProducers Welcomes Sheep Genetics Launch
20/10/2005 Working in Partnership for the Wool Industry
19/10/2005 Regarding marketing of Australian wool
19/10/2005 Regarding the Australian wool industry’s legal case against PETA
19/10/2005 Regarding the Australian wool industry
18/10/2005 Regarding the unity within the Australian wool industry
18/10/2005 Regarding the AWI Election
30/9/2005 WoolProducers Nominations Close Today
22/9/2005 AWGA Caught Handing Out Propaganda For PETA
16/9/2005 PETA to Pay Wool Industry Costs
13/9/2005 Call To AWGA To Stop Undermining Wool Industry
9/9/2005 Nominations for WoolProducers Elections Now Open
9/9/2005 WoolProducers Back AWI Directors
22/8/2005 Test Marketing Blueprint Welcomed By WoolProducers
18/8/2005 WoolProducers Welcomes AWI Pain Free Mulesing Trials
9/8/2005 PETA Agreement Represents a Backdown
22/7/2005 PETA Not Welcome in Australia
4/7/2005 Getting on with the job
4/7/2005 WoolProducers Welcomes New Minister
10/6/2005 WoolProducers Slams AWEX
15/4/2005 WoolProducers Appoints Executive Director
22/3/2005 WoolProducers welcome wool industry talks
11/3/2005 Government members back wool producers in PETA fight
8/3/2005 Australian wool industry not fazed by PETA’s pull-out
14/2/2005 WoolProducers Executive Director resigns
18/1/2005 WoolProducers welcome new NFF CEO